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Can You Escape The Clue Room?

We challenge you to come out and try Colorado’s first live escape room game!

Looking for something exciting to do with friends, family or colleagues? Then come out to Clue Room and check out this global entertainment experience which is sweeping the US, Europe and Asia!

As the door closes behind you, you and your chosen teammates will be locked in a strange room. You only have 60 minutes to escape, so use your time wisely! The clock is always ticking! You and your team will need to work together in order to solve hidden clues, mysteries, and riddles. Remember, it’s all about fun, critical thinking, and teamwork!

The Clue Room live escape game is designed for groups of two to six players. Any team with a bit of creativity, good ideas, and logical thinking can escape The Clue Room, so be sure to always think outside of the box! The combination of the confined space, limited time, and your chosen teammates will create an exciting and intense atmosphere. We guarantee that this experience will be unlike any other you’ve ever had!

Sound intriguing? Come out and see if you and your team have what it takes to beat the Clue Room!