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Want a fun and unique team building exercise that focuses on problem solving, teamwork, and communication?

Request a Clue Room team building event today! Perfect for teams from 2 players to 80.

Want to schedule a team building event?

If you have a group of 6+ people and would like to reserve a private time in advance or a time not listed on our schedule, please use the form below to request to schedule a team building event.

Reserving a Team Building Event

Team building events can be reserved and scheduled for mornings, afternoons and evenings. These team building events are requested and scheduled separately from our online booking system. Please use the form on this page to initiate the request providing three dates that could work for your team, your preferred date, and two alternate dates.

“Thank you very much for the wonderful experience from all of us with the Red Robin food and beverage team. We had such a great time! It was great timing for a bunch of us as we have just joined the team. Having this opportunity to get to strategize and problem solve as a team really was special. We look forward to revisiting and checking out you new location. Thanks again and until next time!!”


-The Red Robin Food & Beverage Team

We wanted to thank you for a wonderful day last Friday! We all enjoyed ourselves, it was truly a unique and great way to team build! Hope to see you soon!”


-Karen Rainey,
Executive Assistant, Western Union

“Thank you so much for such a great experience. Booking through you was seamless and everyone had a great time. They are all still talking about it today. We look forward to coming back again soon.”


-Jennifer Starck,
VP – Sales & Marketing, Contract Decor International

“Great experience! We went as a Supervisory Team Bonding Exercise and the experience was fantastic! The puzzles were diverse enough to allow each of us to show off our strengths and the pregame information was everything we needed to be successful! We will come back again next month to strengthen our team further. Highly recommend the CLUE ROOM for your next team experience. Oh! AND the Customer Service we received was EXCELLENT! Family Owned business- only downside is they need more family members so they can have many more locations!”


-Kim C,
Englewood, CO

“A Great atmosphere for a team building event! Very accommodating and flexible for a large group. Had a nice fun competition in two different rooms. We even left a jacket and they over heard where we were doing our company lunch and came and brought us the jacket. We would suggest this for anyone and type of group.”


-John S.

“Had a great experience with the clue room! Elisa and Todd were very accommodating for our large group. Due to the size of our group, we split into 2 teams and completed different rooms. They also allowed us to use their conference rooms to have food afterwards. Great team-building experience!”


-Joseph D.

“This was a great experience and my team loved it. We enjoyed that the gentleman who brought us into the room kept character when describing our mission. It made it feel more alive and put us in a great mindset. The rules are simple to understand and with 7 people, it was a blast! We look forward to coming back in the near future!”


-Michelle B.

“The Clue Room was particularly valuable as our marketing team is newly formed from a large M&A. We got to know each other and our team dynamics better and it was fascinating that The Clue Room brought out characteristics of functional teams such as team work, communication, encouragement and even the duplication of efforts. Everyone had a super time. Thank you.”


-Jody V.

“Great team building experience with work team! Thank you!”


– Julie A.

“Let me start by saying my review is now upgraded to 5 stars due to the amazing treatment The Clueroom owners personally provided us as a group of 30 for our corporate team event the second week of October. We booked and paid online, but had communicated via email and phone multiple times to ensure they could accommodate our special needs of a conference room and the ability to order breakfast and lunch for our folks traveling from multiple states for this activity. The team was broken out into 3 teams and 1 team actually escaped!! Our learning experiences collectively as a team was to learn each other’s approach to troubleshooting, problems and working together for the solutions. Learned who took the lead, worked best solo or with team. HIGHLY recommend this activity for any team. Kudos for great time, amazing customer service!!”


Charter Communications

Request a Team Building Event

Fill in the form below. Let us know your preferred date, two alternative dates, and if you’d prefer mornings, afternoons, or evenings. Provide as much information as you can and the best way to contact you. We will be in touch with you to help you schedule and reserve the perfect team building event!

  • We will schedule team building exercises with more than 6 people and can accommodate up to 90 people playing in teams and rounds.
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