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Colorado’s First and Largest Live Escape Game

While vacationing in Europe in 2014, the Mata family tried their first live escape game and were instantly hooked on this new and exciting form of entertainment. Upon returning home to Colorado, and hoping to try more, the Matas found no existing live escape games, so the family opened the Clue Room: Colorado’s first live escape game, in September of that same year.

Tens of thousands of happy customers later, the Clue Room now has two locations boasting a total of 11 live escape games between them. All 11 games are original and designed in-house, creating a unique and fun experience you won’t find anywhere else! Clue Room offers an exciting and captivating challenge that will require your group to use both teamwork and brainpower to conquer a variety of puzzles, clues, and mysteries! Do you have what it takes to escape the Clue Room?

I’ve done 3 different escape rooms now and this is by far the best experience I’ve ever had. You can tell the owners work hard to make the rooms authentic, challenging, and ensure your entire experience is top notch. If you have been considering doing an escape room look no further than Clue Room Colorado!

MJ Morand

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