Booking Agreement

Please read the following before continuing to your booking:

  1. Please arrive 15 minutes before your game’s start time. Game clocks begin at the time they are scheduled.
  2. Your booking is non-refundable. With 48+ hours of notice (email or phone call), we are happy to help you reschedule your event if need be. Once you have received your confirmation email, please double check that your timedate, and number of players are correct!
  3. Please be aware that if you do not book out all the slots for your chosen room, there is a chance you may be grouped with other people.
  4. On Friday and Saturday evenings (4pm and later), any groups with participants under the age of 18 must book out the entire game room. There are no exceptions to this rule.***
  5. At any other time, if a group has any players under the age of 18, that group must book for at least four players to close the room. Please call in to complete your booking so that we can help you to create a private event for your group.***
  6. For any group with children 12 or younger, at least 1 legal adult must be present in the room during the game.

***Failure to comply with this policy will result in the assessment of a penalty fee and may also require your group to be moved to a different game room or time***

By clicking ‘Continue’, I assert that I have read and understand the above policies.

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