Celebrate Moms, Grads, and Dads at The Clue Room!

Private Event Request

Want to schedule your own private event?

If you have a group of 10+ people and would like to reserve a private time in advance or a time not listed on our schedule, please e-mail us to request a private event.

Reserving Your Tickets

We provide you with a private event link to share with your group so they can purchase tickets into the private event on their own. Additionally, the link can be used so you can book your entire group.

Private Event Guests

Private Event guests may purchase tickets for the scheduled event. Tickets listed as ‘Private Event Guests’ are not available for the general public. Please do not purchase a ticket for a private event unless you are a member of the private group.

    If there are any players younger than 12 in your group, we require at least one adult be in the room with them.


    Please note: Due to allergy concerns for our staff and customers, we do not allow food or drink in our facility. Water is allowed as long as it is in a sealed container. We do not have a party room or space for items as well.

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