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Holiday Game for 2020

Looking for fun and unique Holiday Game for 2020 to play with family, friends, and coworkers? Well The Clue Room has put together a Holiday Game Guide for 2020! Check it out below!

The Clue Room's Holiday Game Guide for 2020
The Clue Room’s Holiday Game Guide for 2020

Digital Escape Games

Without a doubt, this version of Escape Game play could not be more perfect Holiday Game for 2020!

Here’s how it works:

Be the Gamemaster with our Digital Escape Games. Our online-based games can be played by up to 6 players (or 8 players for our Kinoko game), anytime (24/7), anywhere in the world. As your own gamemaster, you and your team decide when and where you play. You have 24-hours to play the game, and the access PIN into the game never expires. Perfect for players looking for a fun Clue Room adventure to play with teammates around the world or at home. In other words, the game can be played in same or separate households and does not require any downloading. For $45 ($55 for Kinoko) a game pass, you can have a team play our unique digital adventures from playing spies to saving Alice in Wonderland! Play where you stay!

Live Escape Games

Thankfully, our doors are still open for Live Escape Games! With 9 (soon 10) originally designed Live Escape Games, The Clue Room has a game for everyone which is why we added it to our Holiday Gift Guide. From Wonderland to the life of a spy, our Live Escape Games are sure to thrill! It’s great for family, friends, and coworkers looking for something to do over the holidays. We offer gift certificates too so you can give the gift of experience that someone can use now or later.

Thank you for shopping small this holiday season! From our family to yours, Happy Holidays!

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