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Keep Your Mind Active with Escape Games

If you’re going stir crazy, feeling like you’ve watched too much TV, then there’s no better and more fun way to keep your mind active than with a Clue Room Escape Game.

We have three Escape Games formats that will allow players to enjoy a fun brain challenge whether out or in the comfort of your home.

The Clue Room Escape Games: Digital, Mobile, and Live Escape
Our Digital Escape Games are perfect for families, friends, coworkers, or online friends looking for a fun activity to do in the comfort of their homes. Our online based escape games allow up to six players to play in the same game, anytime, anywhere. Be your own Gamemaster with our Digital Escape Games that bring the fun of The Clue Room into your home!
Our Mobile Escape Games, are a great way to bring The Clue Room fun to you. Our gamemasters set-up, operate, and tear down the Escape Game – you just choose the place! It’s perfect for birthdays, team-building events, and special events onsite. If you’re looking for an fun activity, without having to send your guests to another location – bring The Clue Room to you!
Our Live Escape Games are the most traditional way to experience Escape Games. We recommend it for anyone who hasn’t experienced escape games before. In this format, players experience everything in a physical format. Locks, hidden compartments, secret rooms, and puzzles are just some of the many mysteries to encounter. Get the celebrity status now with private games. Meaning no one outside your group will be with you. This insures you won’t interact with other customers, at no extra cost!!!

Whichever format you choose, there is guaranteed fun and challenge that will surely keep your mind active. Call today to learn more and to book your experience!

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