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Your Safety is Our Priority

At The Clue Room we have always been dedicated to the safety of our guests. Cleanliness of our games and facility is top priority every day. However, due to recent developments of COVID-19, we are even more determined to provide our customers with a clean and sanitary environment. Therefore we have taken the following measures to ensure the safety of our customers and our staff.

  1. We are closely monitoring the daily updates and recommendations from the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization
  2. As guests enter their game room they will be given an opportunity to use hand sanitizer before entering the game. 
  3. We have increased the frequency of cleaning services as we reset each game room for the next group, thoroughly sanitizing the various props, pieces of furniture, and locks, restrooms and all hand contact surfaces.
  4. Latex gloves will be worn by all staff during the game resets and sanitization process. 
  5. At the end of the night, staff will be regularly disinfecting all hand-contact surfaces in guest-accessible areas (including but not limited to door handles, photo props, benches, tables, and restrooms).
  6. All employees have been retrained to hand-wash frequently before and after each reset of our games by washing the fronts, backs, wrists, between fingers with antibacterial soap and water for at least twenty seconds each time. 
  7. Employees have also been instructed to never come into work if they experience fever or Coronavirus symptoms. 

Please feel free to contact The Clue Room if you have any further questions. Know that when you come to The Clue Room your health and safety are our top priorities every day since day one. 

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