Celebrate Moms, Grads, and Dads at The Clue Room!

The Clue Room Celebrates 5 Years as Colorado’s Oldest Escape Game Venue

Imagine having only one hour to save Denver from a doomsday device or the country from a deadly virus! On the other side of the law, imagine solving a mysterious murder to avoid jail time or beating Al Capone at his bootlegging game! At the Clue Room all these adventures and more come to life seven days a week.  

This September, The Clue Room celebrates its fifth year as Colorado First and Largest Escape Game Venue. With 11 totally immersive games, The Clue Room has capacity for 80 participants in one hour, one round! They have hosted various team-builders, holiday parties, family reunions, youth groups, athletic teams, a dozen Bronco players, wedding proposals, and friends and families looking for adventurous fun. But this immense growth didn’t happen over night. 

Centennial citizens since 2007, The Mata Family, who own and operate The Clue Room, love telling the story of how they got started. While on a family trip in June of 2014, the Mata’s were looking for unique and fun activity to do while visiting. They stumbled upon The X Door and in one, and what felt a very quick hour at The X Door Valencia, The Mata’s lives had changed. They returned home hoping to explore more escape rooms in Colorado, but could not find one. Less than two months later, The Clue Room opened with two games as Colorado’s first and at the time only escape room business. The Clue Room grew from their first location, a small 3-room office suite to a 2700 square foot facility with 11 different games.

In their growth, The Clue Room has loved getting to know business owners and leaders in the South Metro area. In addition to hosting many of these companies fun team-building events, The Clue Room also partners with them to drive more business to the Denver Tech Center and Centennial. Additionally, The Clue Room prides itself in the local schools, non-profits, and public service partnerships they’ve made through donation to auctions and hosting various mobile games for up to 600 students. 

In the five years of business, The Clue Room has learned and grown a lot. However, throughout those years three things have always been held to the highest importance: customer service, original games, and community outreach. 

So, if you want to experience this incredible Escape Game phenomena sweeping the nation, come visit The Clue Room at 7286 South Yosemite St (between Arapahoe Rd and Dry Creek Rd). Call us today at 303-955-1722 or visit our website: www.theclueroom.com to learn more!

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