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1893 – Hulu TV Series Coming Soon

If you haven’t played our ‘1893’ game yet, here’s everything you need to know. First, it was inspired by the book Devil in the White City which takes place during the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair (hence the name ‘1893’). The book covers not only the marvels of the World’s Fair but the exploits of America’s first and most notorious serial killer: H.H.Holmes. It’s eerie, dark, and overall a very interesting perspective of the culture of the era.

Now a little bit about H.H.Holmes and how he is involved in our escape game, ‘1893’. What made Holmes so notorious is he built a ‘murder hotel’ in the middle of Chicago, where his victims were both visitors of the World’s Fair and guests in the “hotel” he created. Inside his Chicago World’s Fair Hotel, guests would find secret passageways, doors that would not open, random dead-ends down seemingly endless hallways, and ultimately an unknown number of ‘kill rooms’ where Holmes would trap and dispose of his victims. By the time he was caught, his body count was over 200. Shocking? Yas – and the mystery didn’t stop there. Holmes had a variety of motives for his killings, one of which you are trying to unravel in our ‘1893’ escape game!

“Transported back in time to the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, you are our top investigators hired by a very wealthy client who is looking into the disappearance of his two aunts who worked briefly at Holmes’ Chicago Worlds Fair Hotel. The missing women held a deed to a large piece of land in Texas that is said to be sitting on oil. Finding that deed will not only make our client wealthier, but may allow us to gather enough evidence to put a stop to Holmes’ nefarious activities for good. To complete your escape, you’ll also need to find the device to transport your team back to the present. If you don’t, you will find yourself trapped in 1893 and very likely the next victims of H.H.Holmes.”

In recent news, there have been whispers that Devil in White City will be made into a TV series on Hulu – a passion project of both Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese! So before the big show drops, come check our game ‘1893’ and see if you have what it takes to stop H.H.Holmes.

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