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If you have a group of 6+ people and would like to reserve a private time in advance or a time not listed on our schedule, please use the form below to request to schedule a team building event.

Reserving a Team Building Event

Team building events can be reserved and scheduled for mornings, afternoons and evenings. These team building events are requested and scheduled separately from our online booking system. Please use the form on this page to initiate the request providing three dates that could work for your team, your preferred date, and two alternate dates.



“Thank you very much for the wonderful experience from all of us with the Red Robin food and beverage team. We had such a great time! It was great timing for a bunch of us as we have just joined the team. Having this opportunity to get to strategize and problem solve as a team really was special. We look forward to revisiting and checking out you new location. Thanks again and until next time!!”

-The Red Robin Food & Beverage Team



“Had a great experience with the clue room! Elisa and Todd were very accommodating for our large group. Due to the size of our group, we split into 2 teams and completed different rooms. They also allowed us to use their conference rooms to have food afterwards. Great team-building experience!”

– The Fauchard Dentist Center



“This was a great experience and my team loved it. We enjoyed that the gentleman who brought us into the room kept character when describing our mission. It made it feel more alive and put us in a great mindset. The rules are simple to understand and with 7 people, it was a blast! We look forward to coming back in the near future!”

– Aurora Public Schools


“The Clue Room was particularly valuable as our marketing team is newly formed from a large M&A. We got to know each other and our team dynamics better and it was fascinating that The Clue Room brought out characteristics of functional teams such as team work, communication, encouragement and even the duplication of efforts. Everyone had a super time. Thank you.”

– Charter Communications


“Great team building experience with work team! Thank you!”

– Airmethods


“Let me start by saying my review is now upgraded to 5 stars due to the amazing treatment The Clueroom owners personally provided us as a group of 30 for our corporate team event the second week of October. We booked and paid online, but had communicated via email and phone multiple times to ensure they could accommodate our special needs of a conference room and the ability to order breakfast and lunch for our folks traveling from multiple states for this activity. The team was broken out into 3 teams and 1 team actually escaped!! Our learning experiences collectively as a team was to learn each other’s approach to troubleshooting, problems and working together for the solutions. Learned who took the lead, worked best solo or with team. HIGHLY recommend this activity for any team. Kudos for great time, amazing customer service!!”

– Charter Communications

“We visited clue room as a large group and for a team building activity. We did need to split into three separate groups, but it was a great experience. The staff was courteous and friendly. The game it’s self was fun and definitely required a fair amount of teamwork and problem solving. It was just challenging enough that we really had to communicate and work together. We had a lot of fun.”

– TRI Pointe Homes


“This was a company party plan and it was so much fun. We really enjoyed it. Planning on booking another game soon. Thanks”

– Homestead Park Orthodontics


“We all had such a great experience at the Clue Room! The clues were clever, challenging and diverse all rolled up into a great family, friend, team building, memorable event! The group picture at the end with props to match the theme topped it off! Can’t wait to come back another time!”

– Cherry Creek Schools


“Our group loved the Clue Room. The “debriefing” lunch, as I called it, afterwards was absolutely hysterical! Our group is very competitive and we were split into three groups. The Clue Room is a great team building venue or just to go have fun! Many in our group are planning to bring their families and friends in to play. Its an absolute blast! We will be back!”

– CU Medicine



“All in all a fantastic experience. As a leader it is always interesting to see who on the team will take control and start working toward the goal.”

– HCA Healthcare


“I brought my team to the clue room for a holiday team building. We had a fantastic time and really enjoyed our adventure in 1893. This is a definite must do for anyone looking for a fun event with lots of interaction.”

– Lockton


“We had a great time, Thank you for our first escape room experience it really brought our team together and showed us sides of people we did not know existed!”

– Summit Engineering


“We had a very large party of 45 people, but the fact that Clue Room has 2 locations relatively close to one another, made it possible for us to participate all at the same time. This worked out perfectly. Everyone was very nice and very helpful. Our group had such a good time. They couldn’t rave enough on how fun it was. Thank you for making our Team Building Day very special and super fun. We will definitely schedule another outing with you in the future.”



“Thank you for accommodating our large team and executing our event with ease. We all had a great time and found the puzzle to be challenging but not so hard that it wasn’t fun. Well done! Your staff was incredibly friendly, informative, and adaptable…also very appreciated. Nice to know we could count on you to orchestrate the event and adapt to so many different kinds of personalities. Will definitely be coming back to Clue Room in the future, whether for work or personal!”

– Pinnacol


“Thank you so much for a great team outing experience. We appreciated that you took the time to explain what we were about to do and how the process and hints would help us along our journey. Everyone had such a good time which was confirmed by the text chain that existed between the 9 us for almost an hour after we left (which has never happened before). I personally have been in two of your rooms and look forward to my next visit!”

– Schwab


“Our accounting department divided into two teams of 5 people and both teams did the Spy Ops game in two different rooms. It was a lot of fun. Everyone is ready to go back and try the next challenge. Very challenging. I would highly recommend this as a team building event. Your teams have to work with each other to solve these difficult clues!”

– GHPhipps


“Had a work team building event at the Havana location. The staff was friendly and we had a wonderful time! I recommend this to any office looking to participate in a team building exercise.”

– Lawrence Law Firm


“We had a great time in the Clue Room, laughing at each other’s mistakes, working together as a team to put together clues, and feeling the tension as the clock was winding down. Great fun for a group, I would recommend it highly and look forward to beating the room next time!”

– Trust Company of America


“We had a fabulous time experiencing your Clue Rooms! It was a great team building opportunity and we look forward to bringing more groups over in the future. Thank you very much”

– T-Mobile

“Thank you so much for such a great experience. Booking through you was seamless and everyone had a great time. They are all still talking about it today. We look forward to coming back again soon.”

– Contract Decor International


“Very fun activity. Great atmosphere and great team bonding. The Clue Room leader did a fantastic job of explaining the details for the room and setting the appropriate tone for the event. The staff was great, fun and helpful. I would recommend this greatly as a team event.”


“We did this for a work team building experience and it was a blast! Involved a lot of team work and utilizing everyone to solve clues. Everyone had a lot of fun and were involved throughout the entire game. We’re a very competitive group so it was a lot of fun to have 2 rooms competing against each other to get out first. Since we’re so competitive we would have loved to have had the same rooms but it was still a great experience and well worth it. Definitely recommend for team building exercises!”

– Highlands Ranch Community Association


“We recently visited The Clue Room as a team building activity. It was a great experience and everyone really enjoyed their time! The hour flew by, and we found ourselves wishing we could stay longer. I highly recommend visiting The Clue Room with colleagues or friends. You will have the opportunity to enhance your communication skills, while enjoying some time together outside of your everyday setting!”

– Lakewood Recreation Center

“We had a great time on Friday! This was an excellent Team Building activity, and would highly recommend it. Thank you!”

– Pluris Marketing


“IBC Holdings had a blast playing “boys against girls” teams at the Clue Room! (Naturally, the girls won.) I would highly recommend The Clue Room for your office team building, or for a personal night out to do something different!”

– IBC Holdings


“We did this as a team building among coworkers. No one had done an escape room before and were skeptical about doing it. However, at the end everyone had a blast and decided that it was a lot of fun!”

– Retirement Partners


“We had a team builder at this location and our team had a blast! They had a great time working together and it created an awesome bonding experience.”

– Comcast Cable


“Great idea for a corporate outing! Focuses on a team effort and is a lot of fun. We would book an escape room again — everyone had a great time! The owners were very helpful and made it an enjoyable outing.”

– IHS Markit

“The votes are in and the Clue Room event was a huge hit! Folks liked it so much that they have made reservations to visit escape rooms in their hometowns, including Denver. There were 3 Denver natives in our group from whom the trip to Clue Room was their first escape room adventure. Each now has plans to book a family outing at the Yosemite room location!!  Thank you for your hospitality and helping to create one of our best memories of the time we spent in Denver.”

– Glynis McCray, Peer Health Exchange

“Great Team Builder. Confirmed and learned alot about myself and my team. It was fun to watch how our mentality changed from 10 minutes into the game and 50 minutes into the game. We were always challenged, but the opportunity for success was always there (we just didn’t always see it….). Can’t wait for the next Clue Room….and the Next….and the Next….”

– Autumn Hatch, LabCorp

“Todd and his wife were very welcoming. We came to Clue Room for a team-building experience, and everyone really seemed to enjoy it! I would definitely return with friends or staff again!”

-Rise Denver

“We wanted to thank you for a wonderful day last Friday! We all enjoyed ourselves, it was truly a unique and great way to team build! Hope to see you soon!”

– Western Union

 “I am blown away by the service we received when we visited. I had booked us two rooms for the Spy Ops but when we arrived two of the people in my group had already done it, so The Clue Room switched it up so that we could do a new room. Thank you for being so flexible. We had a wonderful time!”

– Terra Bell, Liberty Mutual

Wow, this was a great time and my first opportunity to explore this type of puzzle. You are doing a great job in this business and industry.  I will be doing these again. We enjoyed this.

– Jim Michael, Steel Rhino Property Inspections

Our office visited yesterday for a team building/anniversary celebration and we had a wonderful time! Elisa was incredibly responsive and helpful during our booking process, and Veronica and Josh were lovely during the event itself. Our staff felt that the instructions were clear (not too much, not too little) and the rooms were clean. Great facility and fun games – thank you for a super experience!

– Sarah Harmon, CCAI Family

The clue room was an awesome experience! If you are looking for a fun team building event I highly recommend the Clue Room. Todd and his staff ROCK!

– Matthew Montoya, UHC

Wow, this was a great time and my first opportunity to explore this type of puzzle. You are doing a great job in this business and industry.  I will be doing these again. We enjoyed this

– Jim Michael, Steel Rhino Property Inspections

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