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The Clue Room Digital Summer Camp!

Looking for a fun and safe activity that will keep your kiddos engaged this summer? Check out The Clue Room’s Digital Summer Camp!!!


Engage your kiddo’s brain this summer in the safety of your own home with The Clue Room Digital Summer Camp! This three day adventure includes playing a Clue Room Digital Escape Game and learning how to make one of your own!

Day 1 of the Digital Summer Camp starts by playing The Clue Room newest adventure: Digital Escape Game! Following, Day 2 is where the learning begins! We dive into How-to Design an Escape Game. Then on Day 3 participants will complete to try with their family and friends!

The Clue Room’s Digital Summer Camp is a great way to enhance your kid’s problem solving and creative thinking skills. In this unique camp environment they will get the benefit of socializing with new kids while staying safe.

The camp will run for the following dates (Tues., Wed., Thurs.):

July 14, 15, + 16 (830-11AM for 12-14 years old, 1230PM-3PM for 14-16 years old)

July 21, 22, + 23 (830-11AM for 14-16 years old, 1230PM-3PM for 12-14 years old),

July 28, 29, + 30 (830-11AM for 12-14 years old, 1230PM-3PM for 14-16 years old).

Take advantage of this unique experience proudly brought to you by Colorado’s First and Largest Escape Game Company, The Clue Room. Camp price is $75/kiddo, no additional taxes or fees, for the third day camp adventure. Book today for our July dates!

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