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About 1893

In the year 1893 Chicago hosted the World’s Fair to exhibit world changing technologies and modern marvels. In the shadow of the bright lights, a sinister hotel was built by Dr. H.H. Holmes to prey upon unknowing exhibition attendees. Holmes’ victims include two sisters, the owners of oil-rich land in Texas. Shine light on their murders, and you just may get the deed to that coveted Texas property. But be sure you’re able to check out safely from the World’s Fair Hotel. In 1893, you could strike oil or find yourself choking on gas.

Please note that our 1893 game is recommended for participants 13 or older due to the story line and difficulty.

We require a minimum booking of 6 participants to make the following games private: Clue Dunnit, Monstrum, Time Capsule, and 1893. If less than 6 participants are already booked into the game, the game will not be private.

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