Escape to The Clue Room this Spring Break!


  • $33 Per Person
About Monstrum

Your team of detectives is investigating a string of horrific murders each committed during the full moon. The lead suspect is Dr. Frank Glass. Taking your investigation outside the law, you break into his laboratory, only to find Glass one step ahead. Escape the grasp of Frank Glass or discover your own much more gruesome fate. 

For Monstrum, we recommend more than two participants play (over the age of 12). You will start the game divided into two teams. Additionally, game may include occult props.

We require a minimum booking of 6 participants to make the following games private: Clue Dunnit, Time Capsule, Monstrum, and 1893. If less than 6 participants are already booked into the game, the game will not be private.

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