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Team-building Can Save Your Company (Lots of Money)!

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the rate of unemployment in the Denver Metro is 2.6%.  That is a historically low level of unemployment. What this means for Denver area employers is that finding and keeping great employees has never been more difficult.

When making the decision to leave a company for new opportunities, the reasons given by employees may not be what you think.  While pay is an important component in considering new job opportunities, according to a Gallup study, the number one reason employees gave for moving on was a lack of opportunities to learn, grow, and advance.

It is for that reason that finding the right team-building exercise is so important.  Some managers will fall back on what they experienced in years gone by: company dinners, happy hours and golf outings.  While these activities may offer some limited team-building potential, today’s employees are looking for fun events that require team communication, team-work and team problem solving.  For that reason, escape rooms are a natural fit for leaders looking to impress and improve their teams. Here’s why.

Learn more about your team-mates.  Escape rooms give employees an incredible opportunity to learn more about each other. This informal setting places no restriction whatsoever on any employee, so they feel free to talk to others and learn more the other person including their interests and preferences.

Test those intra-team communication links. Escape games at companies such as The Clue Room, provide numerous opportunities for members to communicate. Each person or a small group of two to three people have to take up a clue and solve it, so the complete challenge is resolved. This requires communication as one individual has to communicate and talk to others about solving the clues and the puzzle as a whole.  When people talk more with each other, they will break the ice quickly and this can improve the cohesiveness of the team as a whole.

Understanding the team’s strengths and weaknesses.  Elisa Mata, owner of the Clue Room Live Escape Games, states: “Participating in live escape games offers team leaders an opportunity to understand the strengths and weaknesses of other team mates. Different skills are needed to solve the challenge in an escape room, so each person will contribute in their own way to the challenge.”

Since all of the Clue Room’s escape rooms are designed in-house, each of the eleven games offers a new opportunity to test different communication, team-working and problem-solving skill sets.

Mata says, “As a result, the strengths and weaknesses of one individual are known to others in a pressure-free environment, and this knowledge can come quite handy while solving organizational challenges.”

Now, not all teams will escape.  However all teams will gain an understanding of how working together with each other’s strengths is essential to solving challenges. Also, when they succeed as a group, there is a feeling of accomplishment.  This is why escape rooms make for a great team building exercise and a great way of really showing your team you are invested in their development and professional success. 

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