Escape to The Clue Room this Spring Break!

The Clue Room: A Fun Date Night Idea!

Looking for your next fun date night? Want to ditch the boring movie and dinner? Try the Clue Room Escape Games! We have 11 different games to choose from with various exciting themes. From spy thrillers, to saving Wonderland, to real crime solving cases, The Clue Room has a range of fun!

After chatting with some of our customers on a date night, we’ve identified why escape rooms are great date activities:

  1. It’s Memorable: The thrilling process of navigating the escape room means there will be plenty to talk about after the date is over. Your date is sure to remember your time together more than the other, more typical dates they’ve experienced.
  2. It’s An Adrenaline Rush: You’ll increase feelings of joy and excitement by participating in this thrilling, adrenaline-pumping activity together. When you’ve gone through an intense experience together, you’ll feel more bonded to each other afterward — even if you just met.
  3. No Need for Small Talk – Have you ever been on a date and had difficulty getting the conversation started? Not during an escape game! With a fun activity for you both to focus on together, you won’t need to worry about making awkward small talk.
  4. Get To Know Each Other’s Personality – As the clock winds down and you both work to complete the escape game, you get to know each other’s personality while solving the escape room. Once the date is over, you’ll have broken the ice already and still have plenty to talk about.
  5. It’s Fun: Simply put, escape rooms are a good time. They’re designed to be challenging, but fun, opportunities for laughter and excitement throughout the date. The best first dates usually aren’t the serious ones. Your date will appreciate the opportunity to play, be creative, and have a good time.

To book your fun date night, call The Clue Room today at 303.955.1722 or visit our website for more information!

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