Introducing our newest Live Escape Game: In Queso Emergency! Opening 6/22!

The Clue Room Escape Game Company: Digital, Mobile, and Live

Since we are re-opening in a week, we thought we would share the three types of escape game adventures The Clue Room offers. We wanted to clarify the difference between our Digital, Mobile, and Live Escape Games. Below details the features each offer, how they differ in operation, pricing, and why you should consider trying each.

Learn more about The Clue Room's Digital Escape Games, Mobile Escape Games, and Live Escape Games
Learn more about our Digital, Mobile, and Live Escape Games


Be the Gamemaster with our Digital Escape Games. Our online-based Digital Escape Games can be played by up to 6 players, anytime (24/7), anywhere in the world. As your own gamemaster, you and your team decide when and where you play. You have 24-hours to play the game, and the access PIN into the game never expires (as long as no one signs in using the PIN). This version is great for players looking for a fun Clue Room adventure to play with teammates around the world or at home. In other words, the game can be played in same or separate households and does not require any downloading. For $45 (or $55 for our Kinoko game) a game pass, you can have a team play our unique digital adventures from playing spies to saving Alice in Wonderland! Play where you stay!

The Clue Room Mobile Escape Games: Bring The Clue Room to you!
The Clue Room Mobile Escape Games: Bring The Clue Room to you!


Our Gamemasters facilitate the game and bring the materials, props, and immersive elements and you pick the location. So, if you’re looking for a fun activity to bring to the office, charity or company event, or dinner party, The Clue Room Mobile Escape Games are perfect way to bring The Clue Room to you. In this format, games can be made to run for 30 minutes, 40 minutes, one hour, or longer. How the game is formatted is flexible to your needs. Feel free to contact us for a quote. Bring The Clue Room to you!

The Clue Room Live Escape Games: One adventure. One hour. One way out.
The Clue Room Live Escape Games


In this traditional escape game format, we recommend all first time escapers try our Live Escape Games. As you enter our building, you are fully enveloped in the escape game experience as you are greeted by our staff, taken to your mysterious game room, and given an introduction on the Do’s and Don’t’s of Live Escape. These 60 minute escape games are the best introduction to better understand and experience live escape. With 10 Live Escape Games adventures, you are sure to enjoy our unique stories, puzzles, and mysteries that we design in-house. In addition, pricing is $30 per person, no additional taxes or fees. Can you escape The Clue Room? One adventure. One hour. One way out.

In all three formats, The Clue Room has the perfect Escape Game experience for you! Call (303.955.1722) or email us (info@theclueroom.com) to learn more!

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