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Monstrum: The Clue Room’s Newest Live Escape Game

IT’S ALIVE!!! Our newest Monstrum: The Clue Room’s Newest Live Escape Game is ready for you to explore. Watch our trailer to learn more!

Your Mission: Assigned to one of the greatest manhunts in Colorado’s history, your team of detectives are investigating a string of recent murders similar only in their horrific nature and the fact that they happened on nights with a full moon. You find evidence that links the crimes back to a mysterious research facility owned by Doctor Frank Glass, you and your team of investigators decide to pay a visit to the doctor. Upon arriving at his laboratory, you hear growls, screams and pounding coming from within.  Breaking into the building, you cannot believe what you see. Your first thoughts are that Dr. Glass knew you were coming and that you are all now trapped in his nightmare…


For Monstrum, we recommend more than two participants play. This game requires dividing and conquering. This game is an intermediate to advanced level game, so get ready for a fun and thrilling challenge.

Some fun facts about our Monstrum Live Escape Game:

  1. Monstrum is inspired by the classic monsters: Count Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster, and the werewolf.
  2. This marks The Clue Room’s 12th originally designed Live Escape Game since opening in 2014.
  3. The creators took inspiration from classic monster lore as well as modern classics. Within the game are many fun easter eggs to these tellings.

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